"Women... should feel beautiful... because they are! "


Photo: Erin May Kembel in the pattern room in Winnipeg

EMK is the creation of Winnipeg designer, Erin May Kembel.

Erin, the driving force behind EMK Clothing, began sewing when she was in Grade 5, although her mom’s creativity set the pattern for Erin's pursuits well before then. By the time she was in junior high, she was sewing clothes for herself and friends.

Erin started EMK 18 years ago in response to the rise of fast fashion and cheap throwaway clothing and driven by her belief that every woman should have quality, locally made pieces at a fair price and that "Women of all shapes and sizes should feel beautiful... because they are!".

It is for these reasons that Port Lifestyles are excited to carry EMK designs;  Affordability, inclusive sizing and made to order manufacturing.


The EMK aesthetic is timeless, figure-flattering and comfortable.